Top 3 things employers are looking for when hiring welders and boilermakers

Welders struggle to display their true ability through their CV

Welders struggle to display their true ability through their CV

There was once a time when a skilled tradesperson could manage their career from their reputation alone.

If you're a welder or boilermaker from Perth, we have jobs waiting for you...

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Working FIFO in the north-west of WA five years ago, it was hard to choose between the swarms of employers who were fighting for your talent...

As one job came to a close, you only had to ask your co-worker, foreman or project manager, where’s the next gig?

And just like that you’re hired, onto the next project.

Unfortunately, in todays competitive job market, things aren’t as easy.

As WA’s resources sector transitions from a construction phase into operations, the industry workforce is predicted to decline by nearly 20% by 2025 according the Chamber of Minerals and Energy.

Even though the news isn’t great, the resource sector workforce will still continue to operate at double of the pre-expansion levels of 2004, and continue to run at operational capacity.

This means a large number of skilled tradespeople looking for a limited number of positions. 

It's getting more competitive out there!

The question is, what can you do to be seen, and stand out from the pack?

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We work closely with some of Australia’s biggest employment firms, who have helped us shed some light on the top 3 most important things to consider when preparing to put your cv out to employers.

1. Currency of qualifications

Qualifications. They can be a make or break when applying for a job.

Regardless of the 25 years of experience you have in the industry, if you are missing the one golden ticket, it can mean your job goes to someone who has half as much experience but has a verified confined space ticket and is more "job ready" than you appear to be.

As well as achieving qualifications, it is just as important to keep them up to date. I can’t begin to count the number of times a great candidate has applied for a job, but the qualification which was compulsory was out of date.

2. Verification of competencies

So... the employer receives the CV, and on the surface, it looks pretty good.

But have these qualifications actually been achieved?

“You would be surprised by the number of people who lie about their qualifications in order to get the job” 

 - Neil Barrett, Manager of DH Appointments Australia

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3. Overall experience

Above and beyond any qualifications or certifications, recruiters want to know if a person can actually do a job. The whole picture is made up of many aspects, but is greater than the sum of the parts - the years of experience, the similarities between positions.

Is there a clear progression in the career?

Is the responsibility level matched to the position they want filled?

Though hard to capture, employers want to be able to know the true ability of an individual worker.

In summary, the three things that employers and recruiters are looking for in your profile as a skilled tradesperson are:

  1. Currency of qualifications
  2. Verification of competency
  3. Overall experience​

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