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Let the working world know what you are capable of

Each day, more and more skilled workers join GotSkill to access a wider community of skilled workers, and share their work.

Lately however, we have seen a growing number who are beginning to use some of the powerful features found deeper in the app.

One of the most powerful features of GotSkill is the ability to store your certificates and qualifications in a single, easy to reach place - inside your pocket.

Putting the quality in qualifications

There is no question that skills and experience are a fundamental part of your job history, however often employers place even more emphasis on whether you are qualified to do the work.

In a recent study conducted by the GotSkill analysis team, over one-third of job ads require a specific certification or qualification to even apply for the position. Probably worth having these somewhere that’s easy to access, right?

How to add a Certificate

After completing the basics in your profile, and having a look around, adding your certifications is one of the next most important steps.

From the newsfeed, click on your profile and then into My Skills. Scroll down to the Education section and click the + sign to the right of Certificates.

Here you can select your certificate and name your specialization.  For example, you might have a Cert III in plumbing, but you trained as a Plumber/Gasfitter. This is where you can note your skills and specialization.

In the 'Certificate Title' section, you can name this anything you want. Under 'Category', select from a predetermined list of trade certificates.


Don’t see your Certificate in the list?

No Problem. Just put the name in the first Certificate Title Box”, and select “other” from the drop down list. We’ll make sure to include it for others who get certified next time.


It’s also important to consider your expiry date. GotSkill will remind you when your certificates are about to expire so you don’t have to worry. If it is a certification that doesn’t “expire”, just click the “no Expiry” box underneath.


Finally, it is essential to include a photo or a copy of your cert. Otherwise everyone would be (over)qualified in everything! Simply take a snap of your cert, or upload a digital version to store on your profile by clicking on the take/upload photo’s button.

And your done!

Make sure you upload all of your recent and relevant trade certifications. Not only will this boost your profile and be shown to more prospective employers, these certifications will give you a way better match to any jobs you may be applying for.

Make sure you get in touch with us with any questions or comments, or leave them below.

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