Adding a Task in GotSkill

Let the working world know what you are capable of

GotSkill is built around our community. That is the core of what we do, and a healthy community is what we strive for.

But GotSkill offers more than just a news feed.

Did you know you can upload your entire work history? Well hot damn! Imagine having everything you have ever done in your job - descriptions, materials, pictures - and even verifications from supervisors - all within the one app. That’s some pretty handy stuff.

Some of you may have figured this out already, but we thought it’d be useful to share a quick how-to on creating tasks, to show just how powerful this feature can be.

When to make a post and when to add a task

Some questions you should ask yourself before adding a task may include:

- Is this work related or is it more of a social post?
- Is this something i would want on my resume?
- Could this activity be approved by a supervisor?

A task is a short piece of work, or a project (for example a job that you completed today).

As you add more tasks to your profile they add evidence of different skills to your portfolio which can be linked to your current or previous employment.

This shows up in your GotSkill CV as part of your employment history. The difference here is that a GotSkill profile lets employers know you’re more than just your job title - It shows them individual and specific examples of what you can do.

A task is not a status update

When you add a task, it should be work related. After all, this is a collection of what you are able to do on the job, and at some point in the future you may want to show this to a prospective employer.

Though it’s just as easy to post a few photos and a description on the news feed, this doesn’t get filed in your profile, nor does it collect the important details about what you can do.

Adding a task

You can add a task from the desktop browser, android and iOS versions of GotSkill. From the app, click on your profile button (the single dude down the bottom).

Scroll halfway down your profile page and click on the “Add a new task” button. Here you will be able to begin recording what you have done.

Name your task.

Choose a descriptive name that yourself and others will be able to identify. E.g “welding” may not be useful when you have 20 tasks uploaded which are all named the same thing. In the example I chose something that distinguishes this task from the rest - Oxyacetylene pipe weld demonstration for car body restoration.

Describe your task

This gives a bit of context to the task. Without delving into great detail, in a sentence or two try to give a brief overview of what you’ve done. I tend to include: what the task was, who it was for, and why i did it. The more specific details come next.


Date. Make a note of when this task took place (to the best of your knowledge!). If it had a beginning and an end date, plug those in. If it’s a longer project, or if you’re still working on it, you can choose for the task to be on-going.​

Technical Info

Now for the fun stuff. Here is where you can set yourself apart from the rest. This section allows you to go deep into you skills and the task to really define in detail everything about the task

.From the drop down menus, select your industry, job type, process, position, materials and codes that are relevant to your task. Most of the sections are optional but its in your best interest to fill these out as best you can. It will give employers a better understanding of your ability, as well as more numbers on your Gotskill CV!


As well as being good to look at, photos can help verify what you have done. Be sure to take a few good ones of your work (providing its safe to do so). As well as proof of your work, these can be used to check the quality of a weld.

You can choose to take a picture on the spot, or use an earlier one from your photo Library. Video works great too!

Task Verification

Great, nearly done!

Now, anyone can add a task, but a personal reference of your work may be worth your while. You can now get your friends and co-workers to verify your task.

Simply search who you want to give you the all clear and they will receive a message asking them to give you a big tick on your task. Be sure to choose the right person for the job though!

Once the task is added, your supervisor can also review your work which will capture a 5 star rating of important things employers look for like communication skills, teamwork and other soft skills.

And there you have it.

In just a couple of minutes you have added a segment of your work history that you can access from anywhere, at anytime. Make sure you update it with all of your work!

Have any ideas or your own thoughts about ​the app? Leave us a comment below and we'll get straight back to you!

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