The real reason employers don't rely on personal references when hiring new staff

Welders struggle to display their true ability through their CV

Hamish and Andy know employers can't rely on Personal References alone (video below)

Ask any group of employers what their number one channel for hiring new people, and chances are you will hear 'Personal Networks'.

Makes sense, right? People want to work with people that they know and trust.

Rather than sifting through a pile of random resumés, who in their right mind wouldn't call up a person already in their personal network?

Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out. Just because you know someone doesn't make them a good worker!

And besides, even James Bond doesn't like to mix business with pleasure.

Even worse, a personal reference doesn't always cut the mustard

Regardless of how many jobs you have had, and the number of references are on your CV, some employers may find it hard to trust who's on the other end of the phone.

After all, it could just be your good mate James putting together a hell of an act pretending to be a co-worker.

He may have a pretty good idea of what your like at the pub, but when it comes knowing if you are the right person for the job, maybe he isn't the best person to make the call.

Hamish and Andy know this well.

A great example of this is by the Australian radio icons ​Hamish and Andy, who called up a random number and asking a guy they just met to put in a good word minutes before a fake job interview.

​This is a hilarious skit, but it goes to show just how unreliable a reference on your CV can be.

James here is obviously a good bloke, but this doesn't help the employer in hiring a good worker.

Employers don't rely on personal references because they cant be verified.

Unfortunately because anyone can list just about whoever they want as a reference, personal references don't make for the most reliable information sources into a persons work life.

Here's why:

Generally speaking you list references on your CV because the person will give you a good write up, right? That's only fair, however a lot of the time, people selectively pick the ones who will say good things, and skip those who don't.

And for people who don't have any employers or co-workers with nice things to say, they make them up - just like James here!

How do you provide a good, reliable reference?

Good question! A lot of the time a personal reference from an employer is all you need - it's not like every single person lies on their CV (I sure hope not!). But employers don't rely 100% on the word of a stranger on the phone.

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