GotSkill For Employers

An end to end employment software solution.

Find verified Candidates instantly, at a fraction of the cost

By Capturing more verifiable skill data than any platform on the market,
GotSkill gives you an unparalleled advantage in todays highly competitive market for skilled tradespeople

Does your business suffer from these recruitment challenges?

GotSkill is the easy way to shortlist skilled job candidates faster

Save Time

Our System seamlessly processes applications into standardised formates

Save Money

Engaging GotSkill ill cost you less than traditional application processes​

Hire Right

Our system matches candidate skills and experience with your job requirements​

Pre-Verified Checks

We encourage people who apply for your job to invest in having verification checks  on their qualifications

Helps Candidate

Onboarding job candidates into the GotSkill Community supports skill growth throughout their career

Hire Smarter

Outsourcing the skills matching process to GotSkill saves you time, money and the headache associated with recruiting.

How it works

We'll do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on running your business. For your next hire, we'll make life easier for you through these four steps:​

You Define Job Spec

for people with your required skills, experience and qualifications​

We broadcast the Job

on the major job boards and to our members to attract applications​

We filter and shortlist

individuals who have the best matching skills and experience for the job​

You interview and hire

from our shortlist in less time, for a better match ​(and price)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Job boards will you promote my Job on?

Your Job opportunity will be promoted through the major job sites like Seek, Facebook and many others

How do you charge for this?

You only pay us for what you would normally pay for an ad. We'll manage and shortlist the candidates so you dont have to - and you wont pay an extra cent for this

How many Job ads can i run with you?

You can run as many as you need, provided they are for jobs related to our available trade categories​

What type of information will i get when people apply for my job via gGotSkill?

Each candidate will complete a quick skills assessment that evaluates what type of trade experience they have. This includes what equipment used, processes they are familiar with, industries they have worked in currency of qualifications and photos of their work​

Will I get a copy of all candidate resumes?

Yes of course - as a part of our service we'll give you a copy of every person that applied for your job through the job boards

Can you help me with the interviews?​

We do not offer candidate interviews as a service. We will help you be better prepared to interview candidates through the quality of information you'll have for each one.​

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