Go Green Be Seen!

Congratulations! You’re now a part of Australia’s largest social and professional network for tradespeople.

Now it’s time to get exposed to the best possible professional and social growth opportunities via GotSkill.

First things first, if you haven’t already downloaded the GotSkill app, you should do so now: Apple / Android


Why use the app?
Using the app will ensure you’re the first to find out about new job opportunities, connect with other members and stay aware of topical issues affecting your trade.

Applying for work? Discover your skill gaps and how to get shortlisted
It is essential that your profile provides an accurate and the best possible representation of who you really are and what all you’ve achieved in your career. The more verified work records you have in your profile, the better. This gives prospective employers certainty and confidence in your ability before they speak to you.

Here is an example of work record shown in a GotSkill member’s profiles.


As you can see, it shows the skills linked to this record of work history. By adding and verifying the skills you have developed over the span of your working life, you are giving the GotSkill platform the information needed to match you to jobs.

Unlike other job boards and employment platforms, GotSkill gives you instant feedback on how relevant you are to the employer, and if there are any skill gaps you need to address to get shortlisted.


When you go to this link you can go back to the jobs that you have applied for.

If you have applied for jobs, they will be available on the jobs page.


When you click on the job title, you will be taken to a more detailed page that highlights the specific skills gap that the employer is currently seeing with your application.

You can also see the status of your references and your application.


If your references have not yet responded to your request for their comments, we encourage you to reach out to them to ask them to reply to the SMS or email we sent them.


When your application has been viewed by the employer, you will be able to see this here (above).

Why is it important to have a verified profile?
It’s simple, when you’re at the supermarket and are faced with too many options, you’re more likely to pick up items that have a ‘tick of approval’ as you can see below:

Similarly, getting your skills verified by co-workers and/or past employers on GotSkill will earn your profile a verified badge, giving you a major advantage over other profiles.

Need Help?
You can see a few things here that require your action to improve your profile.


1. Check the skills linked to each work record in your profile.
Make sure they reflect all of the most relevant and important trade skills that you applied in each role. These skills we matched and added automatically through our software, you need to make sure it is accurate.


2. The job description does not help you match to work.
The skills mentioned in the text description of the task are not linked to our skills matrix which matches you to work. This is why you should add more skills to each record, as mentioned above.

3. Go Green, be seen.

When you perform some work on a job that requires new skill, you can capture that experience in your GotSkill profile and keep building more verified evidence around your capabilities. The more verified (green) skills evidence you have against the skills employers are looking for, the better.

4. To make a work record credible for an employer or recruiter, verification is key
People trust what others say about you more than what you say about yourself. Don’t give recruiters a task list with your resume, give them all the information they want, on demand, so there is no “work” associated with checking your match for a job. You can invite your references to join GotSkill and verify your apprenticeship, on top of supplying the relevant paperwork for this.

We are constantly working to enhance member profiles and how easy it is for you to build a credible online profile of skills evidence.

Traditionally people only document their job after they leave, and their resume has a handful of bullet points about a job they might have had for 6 months.

With GotSkill, you can create work records of individual tasks or projects to create a more accurate profile of your capabilities and experience.

Your profile will be seen by employers looking for reliable skilled trades people.

When you are seen, it is important that you stand out from the crowd.

Creating a verified profile is the fastest way to do this.

We are currently updating lots of our materials to better communicate this – and we will be bringing on many more trade workers in 2018.

Remember, make sure your skill match is green if you want to be the first to be seen!

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