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Adding a work record in GotSkill

Let the working world know what you are capable of

Adding certifications to your GotSkill profile

How to add your achievements to your profile and make it stand out

Set your work availability in GotSkill

Let the right people know where you are in the job hunt - if you're there at all


Tips and tricks from Industry Professionals to put to work in your career

5 Tips for a great GTAW Weld

A few hot tips on how to weld GTAW like a pro

7 tips before you buy your next Helmet

How to make sure you have found the right welding helmet for you

Employers can't rely on personal references

Hamish and Andy show why a personal reference isn't as useful as it sounds

From Our Community

WA Metal industry employment report: 2017

An analysis of the demand for skills in the WA Metal Industry for 2017

A short history of welding

From the Romans to Robotics, welding has a lot to answer for in the modern world

How much does the world rely on metal-workers?

Have a look around - what can you see that's made of metal?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GotSkill?
GotSkill is a network especially for skilled workers. Here you can find work, store and verify qualifications, and manage your career.
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How does GotSkill help me manage my career?
GotSkill has so many helpful features its hard to list them in a sentence! From providing a standout profile you can use to apply for jobs, to verification and support, we have every part of your trade life covered!

Is GotSkill only for welders?
Definitely not! GotSkill is a support network for all trades. We have a range of trades available, with more being added all the time!

Does GotSkill help me find work?
Absolutley! GotSkill specialise in helping find a job that is the perfect fit for you. Our unique matching algorithm finds the specific skills you have and matches them to jobs that require your skills

How much does it cost?
GotSkill has a range of plans that can fit each individuals needs. Our most basic plan is free, but to get access to our premium features and benefits you will have to upgrade. 

Visit our pricing page for more information

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