How to increase your skill match to jobs with a GotSkill profile

There is nothing worse than applying for a job and not getting any feedback about how well you are matched to the job spec in the eyes of the employer.

With GotSkill, we are making a difference by highlighting your skill match clearly when you apply for jobs.

Screenshot above demonstrates how GotSkill highlights skill gaps in your applications

Instead of employers advertising jobs with paragraphs of text about what they need, GotSkill gives them the option to specify what specific trade skills, experience and credentials are required to be considered for each position they advertise. 

This way you can see exactly how well your profile matches you to the job, even before you apply for a position.You can also update your profile after you have applied for a job to increase your skill match and stand out from other candidates.

This article shows you how to update your profile to boost your visibility and credibility to potential employers. Your GotSkill profile enables you to build a portfolio of skills evidence that shows employers how your trade experience qualifies you for new job opportunities.

There are three ways you can add more evidence of your trade skills, experience and credentials to your profile.

1. Your Trade Skills
When you join GotSkill, you can choose a primary trade and add multiple secondary trades to unlock different skills to claim for your profile.

These skills range from Core Skills, to Materials and Equipment. For the examples below we will refer to the trade skills of a Welder. You can find the equivalent skills if you have a profile as a Plumber, Electrician and many other trades.

Core Skills demonstrates what type of work you are capable of. This could showcase your ability to weld in multiple positions such as 4F and 6G.

Materials Experience demonstrates what type of materials you have experience with. This may be Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Structural Steel. You can also list experience with Plate or Pipe work.

Equipment Experience demonstrates the experience you have with different tools, consumables or work. This may be different electrodes you have experience with or things you have worked on such as Mining Equipment.

You can easily claim trade skills in your profile through your Quick Skills Assessment. The most credible way to do this is by adding these skills to your work records.

Screenshot above demonstrates how the Quick Skills Assessment (QSA) adds skills to your GotSkill profile.

2. Your Trade Experience
Your trade experience is defined by the industries you have worked in, and the job titles you have had.

You can add this to your profile via the QSA and through work records. (see below)

Screenshot above demonstrates how to add new work records to your GotSkill profile.

3. Your Trade Credentials
Your trade credentials can be trade specific or general. These are for certificates, Licences and Tickets

Trade Credentials could be your Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication) or AS1554 Part 1

General Credentials are not trade specific, these could be your Drivers License, Working at Heights or Confined Space Entry.

You can add these to your profile during the QSA and also upload a copy of your certificates and cards so Employers can view and verify the credentials you have from your profile.

Screenshot above demonstrates how to add new credentials to your GotSkill profile.

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