About Us

GotSkill was established with a mission to create a single place for communities of skilled tradespeople to build and showcase their skills, experience and credentials for pride, jobs and managing their careers.

Our vision is to build online communities where members of individual trades can keep and maintain their profiles securely, share their skills, experience and credentials with only those whom they authorise and see and apply for job opportunities that fit with their aspirations.

Career development is a central theme to our vision and we aim to assist members identify gaps in their skills, experience and credentials and then access training solutions for those gaps.

Built with knowledge of industry, for the industry, GotSkill gives skilled workers from any trade, any industry and any country the platform to manage and showcase their skills, experience and credentials online and get connected with career opportunities.

Our job matching capabilities are unique and designed to assist individuals find jobs opportunities that match their skills, experience and credentials efficiently and accurately.

Enterprises looking to hire and manage their skill inventories will find our capabilities exceptional. Our deep understanding of enterprise requirements gives us insights into the challenges and problems encountered in recruitment and skill inventory management. We have developed systems that give enterprises the ability to quickly capture the specific needs for jobs and assess the depth of their existing skill inventories to fill those needs.

When additional roles are required to meet job requirements, we can promote job requirements to potential candidates. We process, match and rank applicants against requirements for skills, experience and credentials. Our service can also automate reference checking and manage arrangements for interviews.

Available online and via the Apple and Google Play app stores, GotSkill is a community for skilled tradespeople to showcase their capabilities, find new career opportunities in jobs and training and connect with like minded members.