About Us

Our purpose is to level the playing field, 
So the right skills get the right job.

Welcome to a world first where platform technology meets skills matching for jobs in the trades.

We believe that it’s been way too hard for way too long for trades people to find the right match

So we’ve built a platform that removes the wasted time, and heartache, for both employers and employees.

The game’s changed - welcome to a world where the right skills find the right job in an instant!

Employers love…
INSTANT SHORT-LISTING Our world first SkillsMatch(tm) engine matches the specific skills of the candidates to the specific skills requirements of the job. With visual ‘traffic lighting’ you can see the hit/miss by specific skills and there’s even a % match score - ranking candidates by best fit. It’s 100% transparency for everybody.
3RD PARTY RATINGS CVs are enriched with supervisor assisted ratings on stated skills. Providing more independent, accurate and specific feedback than referees without the need to even pick up the phone.
VISUAL HISTORYTM We visually depict skills experience in pie graphs. Seeing what skills have been used in which industries. Taking the guesswork out of the interview process and allowing you to hone in on candidate strengths faster than ever before.

100% cloud. Start with your next job.

Trades people love…
IT’S THE SPECIALIST JOB BOARD FOR THE TRADE With over 2000 new jobs being advertised every week, pulled in from sites all over the web, we really are the only place you’ll have to look for your next job.
THE ONLY CV YOU’LL EVER NEED Imagine your CV lived in the cloud. Was easily updated with new experience, tickets, photos and qualifications. Safely shared in a single click and was always at your finger tips. Imagine no more. ‘Apply now’ really means now when you’ve GOTSKILL.
STATUS TRACK™ Never feel left in the dark again as you can track the progress of your application in real time - any time.