Set your work availability in GotSkill

Let the right people know where you are in the job hunt - if you’re there at all​

Lets say you’re a happily employed Boilermaker, having a scroll through the GotSkill feed. You’re checking out everyones awesome posts, but you keep getting these pesky job notifications for a qualified boilermaker in your area. Now you can set your work availability in the app so you will only get messages that are relevant to you!

You can choose from 3 Work availability options:

- Actively looking
- Might be interested
- Not looking

Setting your status

You can set your status from the browser, android and iOS versions of GotSkill. From the app, click on your profile button (the single dude down the bottom).

Then in the top left corner click the cog icon. From there you can see your work availability and can change is at the click of a button! On the Desktop, click on your profile in the top right corner, and select “Account Settings”. From there scroll down to the drop down menu which contains your work status.

And there you have it. Easy as 3 clicks.

How your work status appears in GotSkill

Your work availability is not visible to anyone else in the app, and only affects what job placements you will see. After all, we’d hate to clutter your life with irrelevant stuff!

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