GotSkill Update: Version 1.5

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since you heard from us - that’s because we have been busy building some great new features for the GotSkill platform.

These changes have been made based on the valuable feedback you have been giving us (so please keep it coming!)

The following key features have been updated on the GotSkill platform:

Skills tagging, user mentions and social posting:

You can now tag any posts with a specific skill with the # symbol, and mention specific individual users using the @ symbol. This is useful for searching for updates on specific skills, as well as letting your friends know what you’ve been up to.


Users can now verify their identity, work records, training and certifications from one place within our app.


You will now receive notifications whenever someone mentions your username with the @ symbol, as well as when you receive a post like or a post comment. These can be found in the top right of the menu bar near your profile.

Share your profile:

You can now share your GotSkill profile with other GotSkill users, or any other app connected to your device. Simply choose which app you want to share your profile with and a link to your profile will be sent.

Sign-Up Process:

We have improved our sign-up process, which has reduced the time it takes to sign up, and have enhanced the security of your profile.

We hope these changes have helped create a better experience for you, and please let us know any other suggestions you might have.


The GotSkill team